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Forum Programmes

The 2024 Fair will host three forum theatres – the Pig Forum Theatre, located in hall 11, stand no 11-570; the Poultry Forum Theatre located in hall 12, stand no 12-840 and the new Innovation Theatre located in hall 10, stand no 10-530. The forums are free to attend and seating is allocated on a first come first served basis. The programmes run both days, unless otherwise stated.

2024 Poultry Forum Theatre Programme

  1. 09:15
    Weds only

    DEFRA Farming Minister Mark Spencer

    The Minister will make an address on farming government policy ahead of the upcoming election. Hear what he has to say and put your questions to him.

  2. 10:00

    Egg Outlook – helping you plan ahead

    Get the low down from industry experts from different parts of the supply chain, on their predictions for the challenges and opportunities ahead for eggs. Chaired by Aimee Mahony, NFU Chief Poultry Advisor the Outlook forum will provide valuable insight for everyone in the egg sector.

  3. 11:00

    Farm Assurance Schemes – what the future holds for eggs and poultry

    What does the future hold for poultry and egg assurance schemes? Join us to hear from RSPCA Assured, Red Tractor and BEIC as they outline where the schemes are headed and how they will work benefit the whole supply chain.

  4. 12:00

    Supporting today’s generation, inspiring the next

    Hear future poultry industry ambassadors share their career journeys in the sector and outline why it is so important to support and encourage the next generation. Learn how initiatives like the NFU’s Poultry Industry Programme has opened up opportunities and developed key skills to support them in their current roles. Thursday includes - Zoetis-NFU Poultry Trainee of the Year award which celebrates inspiring individuals who are currently undertaking training in the poultry sector and actively developing their career. The award is judged on the progress made by relative newcomers to the industry, of all ages, through workplace training. It also looks at their plans to progress their careers. The 2023 award finalists are Emily Green, Stephanie Pedrick and Olivia Robinson, with the winner to be announced in Thursday 16th May session.

  5. 12:45

    Poultry Meat Outlook – expert insight for the year ahead

    What should you be planning for? Industry experts share their outlooks for the year ahead. Hear what they see as the challenges and opportunities ahead for the poultry meat sector.

  6. 13:45

    Costings, contracts and fairness in the egg supply chain – BFREPA

    This forum from BFREPA looks at the steps being taken to ensure that the producer losses and the resulting egg shortages of 2022-23 never happen again. ADAS explains how Industry leading costings are the foundations for a fairer, more sustainable egg production. These costings are increasingly used in egg supply agreements between producers and packers leading to increased transparency on margins. And Defra’s Head of Agriculture sectors will share the progress Government is making in improving producer contracts.

  7. 14:45
    Weds only

    Overview of the farming offer in England – DEFRA

    Hear how the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) can benefit your farming enterprise. Learn about the flexible and accessible grants available this year and how they are straightforward to apply for.

  8. Weds 15:05
    Thurs 14:45

    Animal Health and Welfare Pathway Policies for poultry and eggs

    In this session officials from Defra and their partners in industry will outline what is available to poultry keepers through the Animal Health and Welfare Pathway, and how to get involved. Developed through careful co-design with vets, farmers, academics and other industry groups, the Pathway is designed to support keepers to continually improve the health, welfare and productivity of their flocks.