Forum Programme

The 2021 Online Pig & Poultry Forums took place on 12 May. You can watch the videos from the forums here.

2022 Poultry Forum Theatre Programme (both days)

  1. 10:00

    Egg Outlook – helping you plan ahead

    Topping the bill, the ever-popular Egg Outlook will give producers the chance to hear what leaders from different parts of the egg supply chain see as the challenges and opportunities ahead. Chaired by Aimee Mahony, NFU Chief Poultry Advisor the Outlook forum will provide valuable insight for everyone in the egg sector.

  2. 11:00

    The footprint of layer feed: exploring alternative proteins. Followed by the ‘Breaking Point Summit’- BFREPA

    How to transition your farm to net zero: Hear how producers are on a journey to sustainability with strategies to tackle soya in rations. Followed by the ‘Breaking Point Summit’: when will the price of eggs reflect their true value and the cost of production?

  3. 12:00

    Poultry Meat Outlook – expert insight for the year ahead

    What should you be planning for? Industry experts from different parts of the supply chain will share their predictions for poultry meat for the year ahead. Hear what they see as the challenges and opportunities ahead for the poultry meat sector.

  4. 13:00

    Precision feeding the modern broiler in the new carbon world

    Taking a look at on-farm efficiency and productivity alongside environmental impact, to deliver improvements in bird performance as well as reducing feed costs. Presented by Brian Kenyon, ABN Senior Nutrition Manager and chaired by Claire Shaw, ABN Formulation Manager.

  5. 13:50

    A future platform for farming better insects

    This forum will outline how farmers can diversify into using and growing Black Soldier Fly larvae and insect protein. During this talk you’ll learn what farming Black Soldier Fly Larvae requires, what it can do for you and how Beta Bugs and Better Insect Solutions can get you up and running by providing you with a regular supply of the insect eggs or baby larvae, which are then reared in dedicated farming systems.

  6. 14:30

    Manure processing – pelletizing and composting for all species

    Poultry manure can be challenging to manage; it’s smelly, unstable and potentially environmentally damaging – but being high in nutrients it is of value. Hear how a new solution can help producers make the most of their valuable manures by processing it into compost or fertiliser pellets.

  7. 15:10

    Animal Health and Welfare Pathway for poultry

    Hear how the AHWP will benefit your poultry business and help you to improve farm animal health and welfare and increase productivity. The speakers will outline how the Pathway will work, plus you will have the chance to quiz the panel in the Q&A.