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Julian Marris, MD, Carbon Focus Engineering (CFE).

Jules is an accomplished engineer with over 25 years of experience spanning agriculture, Horticulture, Construction, Commercial sectors, and the built environment. For the past two decades, he has focused on renewable energy systems, particularly in PV, Wind, Solar Thermal, Biomass, and heat recovery technologies. Over the last 15 years, Jules has specialised in biomass and fuel sustainability, utilising a range of fuels including waste wood, cereal straw, miscanthus, pellets, manure, and wood chips. As a seasoned Company Director and co-owner of Carbon Focus Engineering Ltd (CFE), Jules demonstrates innovative leadership, fostering strong client relationships and embracing new technologies. CFE prioritises sustainability, the circular economy, and fuel security, integrating emerging technologies like pyrolysis and energy storage into their core values and operations. Jules' vision drives CFE's commitment to pioneering new ideas and sustainable practices across various sectors including Agriculture, Horticulture, Ministry of Defence, Industrial Manufacturing, Construction, Schools, and Hospitals.