Please find below the recordings of the Poultry Theatre Forums which took place at the 2024 British Pig & Poultry Fair.

09:15 DEFRA Farming Minister Mark Spencer              

The Minister opens the Fair and makes an address on farming government policy ahead of the upcoming election. 

10:00 Egg Outlook – Helping you plan ahead               

Hear from Rebecca Tonks, St Ewe Free Range Eggs and Gary Ford, BEIC as they share their predictions for the challenges and opportunities ahead for eggs.  

11:00 Farm Assurance Schemes – what the future holds for eggs and poultry              

Hear from RSPCA Assured, Red Tractor and BEIC as they outline where the schemes are headed and how they will work benefit the whole supply chain.

12:00 Supporting today’s generation and inspiring the next – ABN & NFU               

Hear future poultry industry ambassadors share their career journeys in the sector and outline why it is so important to support and encourage the next generation. 

12:45 Poultry Meat Outlook – expert insight for the year ahead              

Hear Ruth Edge from KFC and producer Will Raw share their outlooks for the year ahead and what they see as the challenges and opportunities for the poultry meat sector.  

13:45 Costings, contracts and fairness in the egg supply chain – BFREPA             

BFREPA look at the steps being taken to ensure that the producer losses and resulting egg shortages of 2022-23 never happen again. ADAS  explain how industry leading costings are the foundations for a fairer, more sustainable egg production. Defra’s Head of Agriculture sectors shares the progress Government is making in improving producer contracts.

14:45 DEFRA overview of the farming offer in England and Animal Health and Welfare Pathway policies for poultry and eggs              

Hear how the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) can benefit your farming enterprise as well as what is available to poultry keepers through the Animal Health and Welfare Pathway, and how to get involved.