Please find below the recordings of the Innovation Theatre sessions which took place at the 2024 British Pig & Poultry Fair.

10:00 Matching genetic improvements in pigs with nutritional solutions               

Hear how genetic improvements mean that the muscle, immunity and bone requirements of pigs are changing, and an adaptive nutritional approach can help avoid issues such as lameness, SINS, ear and tail necrosis and reduced performance. dsm-firmenich Animal Nutrition & Health

10:30 Straw Crumb – The Catalyst to Cleaning Up Agricultures Dirty Secret!     

Is Manure a resource or a waste!? Could it become a commodity? 2050 Biomethane Energy Group

11:00 Building the future of livestock protection: biosecurity in your hands    

Understand how the pig and poultry industries can better protect themselves from the financial and emotional impact of disease outbreaks. Livetec

11:45 Enhancing broiler welfare and performance through real-time monitoring  

Discover how technology paired with data driven insights can enhance broiler health, welfare, and performance, driving supply chain transparency and traceability. SenseHub Poultry (MSD)

12:15 SOUNDTALKS®, Listen to your farm 

Hear how 24/7 monitoring of respiratory health, temperature and humidity enables this system to detect respiratory health problems in pigs up to 5 days sooner than human monitoring alone. Boehringer Ingelheim 

12:45 Insects Unleashed: Turn an Old Shed into a Protein Factory    

Learn how modular insect farms, in conjunction with outsourced supply of juvenile larvae, makes insect farming an accessible, financially viable and environmentally sustainable business proposition. BetaBugs & Flybox

13:30 Seeding the future: Strategies for next generation recruitment        

Hear TIAH’s expert panel discuss how to overcome labour shortages and shape the future of agriculture. The Institute for Agriculture and Horticulture 

14:00 Safe & Efficient Organic Acids for Sustainable Animal Nutrition Production     

Brenntag outline a safe and softer solution for both farm and companion animals based on organic acids, promoting sustainability and offering a wide-range of benefits to animals, producers, and workers alike. Brenntag

14:30 Extracting value from poultry manure and agricultural waste streams 

Hear how the use of poultry manure and other agricultural waste streams as potential feedstock for biochar production. Carbon Focus Engineering