2024 Pig Forum Theatre Programme

  1. 09.15
    Weds only

    DEFRA Farming Minister Mark Spencer *IN POULTRY THEATRE*

    The Minister will make an address on farming government policy ahead of the upcoming election. Hear what he has to say and put your questions to him. PLEASE NOTE THIS SESSION WILL BE IN THE POULTRY FORUM THEATRE IN HALL12.

  2. 10:00

    Inspiring younger people to eat Pork: What do we know about consumers of the future and how do we reach them?

    Gain an insight into Gen Z, the different ways of reaching them, what the industry is doing and how businesses can reach the consumers of the future.

  3. 11:00

    Animal Health and Welfare Pathway Policies for pigs

    The forum will describe the full H&W Pathway and how the Vet Review links with the Endemics Program and Small and Large Grants that will reduce endemics diseases, provide financial support, and help available to farmers to improve the health and welfare and productivity of their livestock. This will underpin our high international reputation for health and welfare; show-case modern and efficient means of farming animals to high production standards; and support our ability to trade in new markets abroad.

  4. 11:30

    Pig Outlook – predictions for the year ahead

    Hear industry experts talking about the outlook for the pigs and the challenges and opportunities they are planning for in coming year and further ahead.

  5. 12:30

    Keeping ASF out: What does the ASF contingency plan look like and how can you play your part in protecting the national herd?

    If an outbreak happens, hear what you should do, the key focuses for your business and who is responsible for what. We will take you through what you can do to support your business and how the industry will need to work together.

  6. 13:30

    Pig Farm Assurance schemes – what the future holds

    What does the future hold for pig assurance schemes? Join us to hear from both RSPCA Assured and Red Tractor as they outline where the schemes are headed and how they will benefit the whole supply chain.

  7. 14:15

    Reducing the environmental impact of pig farming on soil, water and slurry to enhance reputation

    Hear how you can implement tangible benefits for your business from such a big subject. We will talk through the practicalities of choosing a Carbon calculator as well as what we’ve learnt from real-time projects and take a look at how baselining will help businesses in the future.