2022 Pig Forum Theatre Programme (both days)

  1. 10:15

    Market and consumer trends (AHDB)

    Optimising the market for British pork by selling every part of the pig, stimulating consumer demand and improving the profitability of pork to remain competitive at home and abroad.

  2. 11:00

    Pig Outlook – predictions for the year ahead

    The popular Pig Outlook Forum will be chaired by Alistair Driver, Editor of Pig World and is a chance for producers to hear what leaders from different parts of the supply chain see as the challenges and opportunities ahead for pigs.

  3. 12:00

    Optimal nutrition for economic and environmental sustainability

    Hear how using cost-effective nutrient levels at each stage of growth can improve feed efficiency, financial returns, and reduce the carbon footprint of your business. Presented by Dr Steve Jagger, ABN Senior Pig Nutritionist, chaired by Dr Tegan Whiting, ABN Pig Nutritionist.

  4. 12:50
  5. 13:40

    Animal health and welfare

    Hear about how preventing the spread of disease, reducing antibiotic use, increasing our understanding of pig behaviour and improving the physical environment on farm protects the reputation of the pork industry.

  6. 14:25

    Developing people in UK agriculture

    Would you want to work for you? This session looks at the steps you can take to recruit, train and develop your staff, how to keep them motivated and why it’s important to look after them. Hear first-hand from farmers who are at the top of their game when it comes to looking after their staff.

  7. 15:05

    Animal Health and Welfare Pathway for pigs

    Hear how the AHWP will benefit your pig business and help you to improve farm animal health and welfare and increase productivity. The speakers will outline how the Pathway will work, plus you will have the chance to quiz the panel in the Q&A.