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  1. Pig and poultry collaboration improves management through enhanced data use.

    Better use of production data generated on pig and poultry farms to improve management is a result of collaboration between technology company, Farmex, and livestock intelligence business, Optifarm. It is a natural development of previous co-operation during research projects funded by innovation agency, IUK. Farmex director, Hugh Crabtree, and Optifarm’s CEO, David Speller, will be […]

  2. Zoetis-NFU Poultry Trainee Award Winner to be announced at Pig and Poultry Fair

    The winner of the Zoetis-NFU Poultry Trainee Award will be announced during the seminar on ‘Supporting today’s generation, inspiring the next’ in the poultry theatre at the British Pig & Poultry Fair on Thursday May 16 from 12.00 – 12.30.   The award now in its 17th year focuses on the value of training in […]

  3. AgroVision Celebrates 25 Years of Innovation and Excellence in the UK

    AgroVision (formerly AgroSoft), the next generation in agricultural software, proudly announces its 25th anniversary of serving pig farmers in the United Kingdom. Over the past quarter-century, AgroVision has been at the forefront of revolutionizing pig farming practices through its innovative solutions and dedication to service. Since its inception in 1999, AgroVision has consistently strived to […]

  4. British turkey industry needs a national voice

    The turkey needs a national voice to help safeguard the future of British turkey production, says Paul Kelly, managing director of FarmGate Hatcheries which supply around half of the poults reared for Christmas.   “The British turkey market has declined dramatically from a peak of 46 million birds in 1996 to 13 million today, primarily […]


    Cargill UK is showcasing its new range of Neochicc® starter diets at the British Pig & Poultry Fair, NEC Birmingham, on May 15/16. Three diets, all mini-pellets, offer a dedicated complete feed for the first 120 hours of the chick’s life.   The range, Neochicc Platinum, Gold and Classic are all 1.8mm mini pellets. Each […]

  6. Spread-a-Bale launches Micro ST for pig sector

    Spread-a-Bale will be launching at Pig & Poultry Fair a new option to its M range of straw spreading machines with 1t to 2t lift capacity loaders – Front-end, Hoff and Skid-Steer, and designed for bedding pig arcs and buildings with narrow access points. Called the Micro ST (Side Throw), the machine combines a 695kg […]

  7. JSR Genetics are back at the British Pig & Poultry Fair 2024

    JSR Genetics will be back at the British Pig & Poultry Fair on the 15th & 16th May 2024 at its new location the NEC, Birmingham.  Come and visit them on stand 11-371 in the pig hall. JSR Genetics is powered by Topigs Norsvin, the world’s most innovative pig genetics company with an annual £25m […]

  8. How the Black Soldier fly is ‘Closing the loop’ by building a zero-waste food system

    Key players in the Black Soldier Fly marketplace, Beta Bugs Ltd continue to drive the insect farming industry to success. Beta Bugs Ltd have been shining a light on the ever-growing insect farming industry since it provides a solution to addressing the ever-growing need for regional production of protein and other feed ingredients. Now more […]


    VAL-CO will present its new products and its world-famous watering system at the British Pig & Poultry Fair. Introducing the Narrow Loop Male Flat Chain Feeder: VAL-CO’s new male flat chain feeder is a slim 24” (61 cm) wide and holds up to 350 pounds (158 kg) of feed. A single hopper sends feed in […]


    Cargill UK has launched a new range of starter feed diets, Neopigg Shield®, to promote gut health, the immune system and disease resistance in piglets. These diets are designed to help futureproof piglet performance in the new zinc-free era. They will be showcased at this year’s Pig and Poultry Fair at the NEC, Birmingham on […]

  11. Hy-Line UK to supply the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland direct

    After a period of 27 years using a third-party distributor, Hy-Line UK, which operates from the Millennium Hatchery in Warwickshire, is to commence supplying customers directly to the island of Ireland. The original supply agreement was announced at the Pig & Poultry Fair back in 1997 so it is apt that the new announcement has […]