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Cargill UK is showcasing its new range of Neochicc® starter diets at the British Pig & Poultry Fair, NEC Birmingham, on May 15/16. Three diets, all mini-pellets, offer a dedicated complete feed for the first 120 hours of the chick’s life.


The range, Neochicc Platinum, Gold and Classic are all 1.8mm mini pellets. Each diet is designed using Cargill’s nutrition system to ensure precise amounts of protein, starch, fat and additives are included to meet the specification and to enable young chicks to achieve their genetic potential with improved feed efficiency within targets.

All Neochicc diets include Cargill’s Proviox® natural antioxidant and vitamin E sparring molecule, a unique package of additives including essential oils, acids, and organic selenium. These ingredients ensure that the diet supports the chick’s immune response and ability to resist challenges, and accelerates its gut and microbial maturation.

The higher specification Platinum and Gold diets include highly digestible ingredients to maximise nutrient availability and organic zinc that helps to preserve the intestinal barrier and mitigate lameness issues.

“We have developed three diets within the range to offer producers flexibility in specifications,” says Cargill’s poultry technical specialist Luke Barnard.

“Neochicc Platinum is the highest spec diet produced without compromise and uses the very best ingredients known to accelerate microbiota maturation and maximise growth rates with efficient feed conversion. This diet has been shown to benefit production efficiency of broilers specifically broilers from young breeder flocks.”

Neochicc Gold also includes highly digestible protein sources to meet specific production targets. “This diet is ideal for those looking to give their birds a head start,” he adds.

The high quality Neochicc mini pellet is consistent and dust-free to encourage feed intake.  “A young chick eats about 100g of feed in the first five days or so, which is only 3% of its total lifetime feed intake, but the benefits of the diet pave the way to lifetime productivity,” adds Mr Barnard. “This range of Neochicc diets allows us to work with producers in making the right choice for their system and to meet targets.”

Cargill will also be promoting its enzyme application knowledge as well as its enhanced range of high-performance enzyme solutions. This includes Natuphos E which improves the digestibility phosphorus in feed.

“We have a matrix of innovative enzyme-based solutions to use in poultry diets that are proven to reduce nutrient excretion, improve feed efficiency and well-being of the bird and support sustainable animal performance.”

See Cargill UK in Hall 11, Stand 310, or visit or call 01845 578125