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Pig and poultry collaboration improves management through enhanced data use.

Better use of production data generated on pig and poultry farms to improve management is a result of collaboration between technology company, Farmex, and livestock intelligence business, Optifarm. It is a natural development of previous co-operation during research projects funded by innovation agency, IUK.

Farmex director, Hugh Crabtree, and Optifarm’s CEO, David Speller, will be available on the Farmex stand 11-380 at the British Pig and Poultry Fair to answer questions on the use of data capture in precision faming.

Farmex generates and analyses data from farms through Barn Report Pro while Optifarm has an app that uses data, from various sources, and employs AI to analyse measured parameters, such as water use, temperature or static pressure. It looks for any anomalies plus any possible correlated explanations.

These analyses, sent direct to mobile phones and farm offices, happen in real time to enable important decisions to be made, without delay, to maximise both animal and bird welfare and efficient, cost-effective production.

“Marrying up Barn Report Pro with the Optifarm app will ensure easier access and tactical use of data, for both pig and poultry farmers,” said Farmex director, Hugh Crabtree.

The Optifarm app is used in poultry production in several countries and over 10 million pigs across the USA and UK are monitored through Barn Report Pro.

Costs for automatically-generated anomaly detections start at a few pence per house while charges for more proactive technical support and advice depend on individual requirements.