2024 Innovation Theatre Programme

  1. 10:00

    Matching genetic improvements in pigs with nutritional solutions.

    Dr Maria Walsh, Global Marketing Director, Swine. dsm-firmenich

    Genetic improvements mean that the muscle, immunity and bone requirements of pigs are changing, and an adaptive nutritional approach can help avoid issues such as lameness, SINS, ear and tail necrosis and reduced performance. Monitoring and improving the bioavailable level of Vitamin D3 can be one step towards unleashing pigs’ full potential; where dsm-firmenich are bringing new services and solutions.

  2. 10:30

    Straw Crumb – the catalyst to cleaning up Agricultures dirty secret!

    James Dorman, Co-Founder & Group CEO, 2050 Group.

    Is Manure a resource or a waste? Could it become a commodity? There has never been more focus on agricultural manures and their management e.g. the ongoing pollution in the Wye Valley. In this seminar you will learn why straw crumb could become the solution to remove the burden and cost associated with manure management. 2050 Group has developed a product that has superior absorbency levels, improving animal welfare and it's free of charge! Come and learn why.

  3. 11:00

    Building the future of livestock protection: biosecurity in your hands.

    Julian Sparrey, Technical Director, Livetec Systems & James Baxter, Free Range Egg Farmer.

    Understand how the pig and poultry industries can better protect themselves from the financial and emotional impact of disease outbreaks. In this session, we will reflect on the scale of the challenge caused by disease, the importance of biosecurity and contingency planning and explain how Livetec's NEW digital platform makes biosecurity and emergency response more accessible for producers. Using the lessons learned from avian influenza, it will highlight how digital transformation can prepare for and prevent future disease threats, like African swine fever.

  4. 11:45

    Enhancing broiler welfare and performance through real-time monitoring.

    Michael McCreesh, Veterinary Consultant, SenseHub Poultry & Nick Munce, Commercial Lead, SenseHub Poultry.

    Discover how technology paired with data driven insights can enhance broiler health, welfare, and performance, driving supply chain transparency and traceability. This session uses real-life examples to showcase how technology that provides broiler welfare and environmental parameters in real-time has improved productivity and potentially sustainability at a farm level and throughout the supply chain.

  5. 12:15

    SOUNDTALKS®- listen to your farm.

    Dr Rachel Crowe, Senior Brand Manager, Avian and Swine, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health.

    SOUNDTALKS® is an innovative ‘listening’ system that provides early detection of, and alerts to, potential respiratory disease in pigs. SoundTalks® can detect problems up to five days earlier than human monitoring alone, allowing corrective actions to be taken sooner. Trials show that shortened disease episodes, combined with effective and optimised treatments, can contribute to reduced antibiotic use and improved productivity. The forum will give an overview of why it is unique, what the system comprises of, how the 24/7 real time monitoring can be of benefit and will include some results from its in-market use.

  6. 12:45

    Insects Unleashed: Turn an old shed into a Protein Factory

    Larry Kotch, CEO, Flybox & Thomas Farrugia, CEO, Beta Bugs.

    Insect farming is no longer a thing of tomorrow. It is happening today, commercially, on farms and in dedicated production sites. Join Beta Bugs and Flybox as we unveil an innovative approach to insect farming in our upcoming forum. Geared towards existing farmers, food producers, and waste management companies, this session will cover the essentials of insect farming, including its sustainability and profitability factors and how you can diversify into the sector. Get involved to gain valuable insights into effortlessly leveraging insect farming in your business. Learn how using modular farms, in conjunction with supply of juvenile larvae, makes insect farming an accessible, financially viable and environmentally sustainable business proposition. Don't miss this opportunity to get involved in our sector and learn about how you can produce a protein source that will underpin the sustainability of agriculture.

  7. 13:30

    Seeding the future: Strategies for next generation recruitment.

    Tess Howe, Head of Policy and Partnerships, TIAH. Rob McGregor, Innovative Outdoor Pig Farmer, LSB Pigs & Hugh Pocock, Director, Cultura Connect.

    Facing labour shortages and the need for new skills in agriculture? Join TIAH's expert panel for a dynamic discussion on overcoming labour shortages and shaping the future of agriculture. Learn from industry leaders like Rob McGregor, Tess Howe, Mark Vining, and Hugh Pocock about attracting, training, and retaining the next generation. Discover innovative recruitment strategies and essential skills development to cultivate a resilient next-generation workforce. Gain practical insights and tools to transform challenges into opportunities for growth and sustainability in your agricultural business.

  8. 14:00

    Safe and efficient organic acids for sustainable animal nutrition production.

    Demi de Beer, Technical Sales Manager, Animal Nutrition, Brenntag UK & Ireland.

    Organic acids are widely recognized for their advantageous role as alternatives to AGPs. However, their inherent harsh properties pose potential risks to both producers and workers when utilized. Therefore, we would like to introduce our Neubacid Soft Solutions—a safe and softer solution for both farm and companion animals based on organic acids, promoting sustainability and offering a wide-range of benefits to animals, producers, and workers alike, while simultaneously safeguarding the equipment and hardware. Our formulations also incorporate ingredients sourced from sustainable origins. To further enhance the sustainability of our solution production, we have devised a CO2 Calculator to help producers measure and mitigate their carbon emissions effectively. These tools all form part of our holistic aim to provide safe solutions with uncompromised efficacy!

  9. 14:30

    Extracting value from poultry manure and agricultural waste streams – Pyrolysis – Biochar – CORCs – Heat/Power generation – Sustainability

    Jules Marris, MD, Carbon Focus Engineering & Philipp Reichardt, Pyreg.

    Biochar is widely recognized as a sustainable and effective method for capturing and storing carbon. Collaborating with the German manufacturer Pyreg, CFE has been exploring the use of poultry manure and agricultural waste streams as potential feedstock for Biochar production. Pyrolysis has the capacity to generate heat and power, reduce waste streams and generate revenue through biochar and CORC's. During the discussion, CFE's Managing Director, Jules Marris will cover the practical aspects of implementing pyrolysis in agricultural operations, while Pyreg's Saales Manager, Philipp Reichardt will delve into the financial benefits and address technical inquiries related to the pyrolysis process.

  10. 15:00
    Weds only

    Sustainability Hub Pub Quiz

    Jake Davies, Editor, Poultry Network.

    Join Poultry.Network and its Sustainability Hub partners to take part in our ‘Sustainability Hub Pub Quiz’. The questions will test your knowledge of the latest innovations in sustainable poultry meat and egg farming, including new technology, production trends, and current events. Get ready to flex your poultry farming knowledge and dive into the exciting world of sustainability with the Poultry.Network Sustainability Hub Pub Quiz. Join us for a session of fun, camaraderie, brain-teasing questions and PRIZES as we delve into the latest innovations driving sustainability in poultry meat and egg farming. For the ultimate champion, a luxurious Fortnum & Mason Hamper awaits as the grand prize. So whether you're a seasoned industry veteran or a newcomer eager to learn, the Sustainability Hub Pub Quiz promises entertainment, education, and excitement. So join us, sharpen your pencils, and get ready to be crowned the champions of sustainability in poultry farming.