Patrick Garland, Premier Nutrition

Commercial poultry nutritionist working primarily in the UK but also supporting customers globally who are producing all classes of poultry and poultry products. Early in his career, experience in feed mills, running a poultry research farm, on farm sales support and liaison with retailers formed a foundation for becoming responsible for the poultry technical team at the largest animal feed compounder in the UK. A spell with a global pharmaceutical company in sales management reinforced his view that effective poultry production requires close co-operation between nutrition, feed milling, veterinary and management specialists to achieve a common goal. The overseas experience more recently has shown that science needs to be applied appropriately in different environments and markets, one size does not fit all. In his commercial role he has presented papers at nutrition conferences in Europe, Asia and Australia as well as being author and joint author of published papers and chapters in nutrition text books. He has also served on several technical and academic committees representing the feed and poultry industries.