Nick Davies, 2 Sisters Food Group

Nick is the Group Agriculture Director at one of Britain’s largest food producers – 2 Sisters Food Group. He has a wealth of experience and respect in the agri-food sector from farm to retail, food service, restaurant and export covering beef, lamb, pork and now chicken, where he plays a pivotal role in the processing of 6.2m chickens every week. He has a proven track record of delivering return on investment projects in both non-aligned and integrated agriculture operations and commercial activity. With a deep commitment to sustainable environmental practices in his agriculture strategy, Nick takes an holistic approach to production challenges, and he delivers results utilising data analysis, technology and having the right team around him. Nick is keen to drive change that delivers for his business and come up with solutions that link value, sustainability and productivity at the same time as satisfying consumer needs. With inflation soaring and conflict in Europe creating further pressures, the role Nick and his team play becomes increasingly important as the world adapts again to crisis.