John Kirkpatrick, Tesco Agricultural Manager

John joined TESCO in May 2015 as Agricultural Manager for poultry and eggs and interfaces between TESCO and its poultry suppliers across feed mills, breeders, hatcheries, grow out, catching/transport and slaughter across all avian species and eggs. John is also a Poultry Board Member, representing the retail sector on Red Tractor Assurance. Kirkpatrick has spent his career in poultry working across many countries and continents and has led a significant change program across the TESCO poultry and egg division, focused on improvement based on science, evidence and factual information to improve the customer offer and promote trust and transparency with farmers and consumers alike. He currently manages in partnership with suppliers, a diverse and challenging global portfolio; however, one that presents significant opportunities for the future of the UK poultry sector. Kirkpatrick is well known for bringing a very pragmatic and straight-talking approach to grocery retail.