Elwyn Griffiths, Oakland Farm Eggs

Elwyn is the chief financial officer for Oaklands Farm Eggs Ltd. (CFO) which has celebrated over 27 years of successful egg production and marketing and is known around the world as The Centre of Excellence for egg production. Elwyn is also a director of Griffiths Family Foods Ltd, Griffiths Green Enterprises Ltd and a partner in J.A &O Griffiths Ltd. The Griffiths family are into their third generation working on the farm for over 60 years. The business has developed into a poultry enterprise which is the largest in-line egg production operation in the UK. It has predominantly been as the largest colony producer but are now converting to cage free. The farm is ready to supply for the on-going requirements of the retail giants and food service industry. They rear day old chicks in five rearing sites across the country under the RSPCA Assured, Freedom Foods standard. Over the years Elwyn has milked over 200 head, reared out door pigs, fattened pigs, lambed over 2000 ewes, had up to 200 suckler pedigree Simmentals, grown 10,000 tons of crisping potatoes, but now concentrates on oilseed rape, and cereals. Elwyn has instigated their new liquid egg plant (Griffiths Family Foods Ltd.) This will break and pasteurise whole egg, egg white and yolk and in the future will supply egg products.