NEW TECHNOLOGY:   “Broiler weighing without the back ache”…..

Pondus Limited, a UK based agtech start-up has launched its first commercial product for the weighing of broilers through camera technology. The technology will be on demonstration at the Pig and Poultry Fair with the opportunity to win a free installation and 12 months free subscription worth £2500.

The start-up has focused on creating a technology which  eliminates the need for hand weighing, eliminates the bias of automatic scales, whilst providing more representative weight profiles for the whole shed and points across the shed. Growers can identify growth rate differentials across the shed and use these to better inform management decisions. In doing so some of the industry’s most significant challenges can start to be addressed, principally those around labor shortages, biosecurity and information gaps. 

The CEO and Founder Claire Lewis has experienced the challenges of poultry farming, and indeed the supply chain first hand and asserts that she and her company are providing ‘an affordable, accessible and reliable solution for the industry.’ 


Having undertaken hand weighings of broilers herself, there is a level of empathy and understanding of the value of the weight information but also the demands for collecting it.  

The Pondus solution uses off the shelf hardware, and has really focused on an easy self install friendly, clean finish system. The camera system is already operating in commercial sheds in the UK and Ireland, measuring some 4.5m birds/annum and is proving itself to withstand the shed environment and operate with good performance. Information derived from the cameras is available in the Pondus mobile app, again focused on an easy to use, simple design.

Ms Lewis also states ‘the old adage of a picture speaks a thousand words is highly relevant. Pondus will be delivering more than weights for our users to help better manage their birds, but to also achieve a lifestyle which isn’t dependent on being on site 24/7’.



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